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Support our community of adults with special needs!


Our nation provides excellent services for children with special needs, but upon aging out of the school system at 22, those services disappear. 80% of adults with special needs sit at home with no purpose and no community- isolated from society and each other.

Our mission is to change that by providing an innovative vocational community for adults with special needs as well as change the way the world views this population.

BiG Great Lakes was birthed through a dream that a mother had to create a faith centered purposeful community for her adult special needs children. After visiting "BiG" in Texas, she knew she found the model that she wanted to see here reproduced here in northeastern Illinois.

BiGGL is a satellite from BiG in Georgetown, TX. It's not simply a program, but a culture, inviting of all, with the atmosphere to see each and every individual's value and gifts, working together to provide joyous and purposeful life.

BiGGL is a 501(c)3 tax exempt non-profit organization.